A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Meet Tower20, a small, casual turn-based RPG inspired by NES classics such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. In Tower20, you take on the role of an adventurer who must save the universe from an evil Phoenix who sits at the top of a 20-story tower. The game starts off easy but gets increasingly more difficult as you advance through each floor. Battle against a dozen different monsters, using a basic attack, 2 abilities, 2 items and, if things take a turn for the worse, run from the battle and live to fight another day! Can you make it to the 20th floor and slay the Phoenix, or will you be reduced to mere ashes? This game is the ultimate way to kill 10 minutes for RPG fans!

No ads, no in-app purchases and bug fixes/updates ASAP!

Level Up sound effect by AdamWeeden.

"Tadaa" sound effect by rdholder.

Music by Scythuz.

The sound effects and music listed above are all licensed under this license:

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Install instructions

The Windows version requires WinRAR to be installed on your computer. Simply extract it to the location of your choice and run the executable.

The .APK is for Android devices. Just download and hit install. However since it isn't coming directly from the Google Play Store, if your phone is automatically set to not allow downloads from any other source but Google Play Store, you may have to temporarily change that setting to install the game.


Tower20.rar 22 MB
Tower20.apk 21 MB